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Looking To Get A Shredded Body For The Beach This Summer?

Doesn’t every guy want to look shredded on the beach? It’s about that time of year, everyone is looking for the fastest way to get ripped fast. Lean down and drop all of the holiday weight so you can look golden for the ladies. Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym all winter and bulking up but now it’s time to shed the weight and show off all of the hard earned muscle that you’ve been building for the past few months.

We’re here to lay the groundwork for your plan with some easy to follow steps and guidelines to get you shredded fast!

1. Mental

Getting Shredded Takes A Lot Of Mental Work

get rippedThat’s right, getting a ripped and shredded body takes a lot from you mentally. If your mindset isn’t right then you’re not going to be able to stick to the diet restrictions and lifestyle changes you need to make.

You have to be able to say no when it comes to eating junk food or eating out too much. This isn’t to say that you can’t eat out at your favorite places. You just need to be able to limit how often and sometimes what you eat at those places.

Sometimes you’re not going to feel like doing what needs to be done in order to lose the weight, like cardio or restricting calories. You need to be motivated and keep the end goal in mind. You have to be able to turn on that switch to send you into beast mode and then break the switch so you can’t turn it off!

Make sure you get plenty of quality sleep to keep your mind fresh and your workouts full!

2. Find Your Maintenance Calories to Get Shredded

You Have To Know Where To Start With Calories

Before you go ham and try to cut down to 1200 calories like you might read about on some fitness blogs or you’ve been told by many YouTuber’s. Put the breaks on for a minute, you don’t want to cut too much too fast and sabotage your fat loss later on down the road. Not only is cutting too many calories bad for your overall health but it can slow down progress and make things harder when you get deeper into your cut.

The first thing you need to do is to find out what your maintenance calories are. You can do this by using an online calculator to estimate what they should be, then test it out for a week or two and make sure that you’re staying at the same weight.

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It’s important to note that initially, you might see some weight fluctuation due to water weight being gained or lost. This is why it’s important to stay consistent and trial out the assumed maintenance calories for a bit so you can stabilize.

Use The Calculator Below To Get A Baseline Calorie Intake

Calorie Calculator

Now Calculate Carbs, Fats and Protein Daily Requirements

Protein, fat, and carbs are going to be very important in helping you retain muscle. They will also help balance your hormones and fuel your workouts. It’s a good thing to start with carbs high in the beginning so when you start cutting calories you can start with carbs. You don’t want to start with carbs at 50 grams because then you won’t have anything to cut and you’ll have to rely on cardio. If you’re starting with 50g carbs then your calories are probably too low, to begin with.

Optimal Macro Guidelines

Protein – .8 – 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight
Fat – .3 – .45g of fat per pound of bodyweight
Carbs – Fill in remaining calories with carbs

Example Macro Setup

170lb Male – 5′ 7″ tall – 36 Years Old

Maintenance Calories: 2300 Calories Per Day

Daily Protein Intake: 1.2g per pound of body weight per day = 204g of Protein = 816 calories (1g of protein = 4 calories)

Daily Fat Intake: .35g per pound of body weight per day = 60g of Fat = 540 calories (1g of fat = 9 calories)

Daily Carb Intake: Fill in the rest of the calories 2300 (total maintenance calories) – 1356 (calories from fat and protein) = 944 / 4 (1g of carbs = 4 calories) = 236g of carbs

In case you didn’t follow along there with the carbs, we are taking the total allowed calories for the day and subtracting the total calories we’re using for protein and fat. This gave us 944 calories left, so we divide that by 4 and this will tell us how many carbs we can eat per day.

3. Track Food To Maximize Fat Loss

Now you have your maintenance calories and you’re on your way to getting shredded. The first step is to start tracking your food intake, the best option for this an app like MyFitnessPal. This is what I use to track my food intake and macros. MyFitnessPal will also help you when you start making adjustments to what you’re eating each day. You can also use the app to plan meals ahead to keep you in line with your weight loss goals.

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4. Make Adjustments to Get Ripped

Now you’re satisfied with your maintenance calories and your weight has stabilized. Now you’re ready to make adjustments to actually start your cutting diet! You don’t want to be too aggressive in the beginning, I would suggest using a combination of lowering calories and doing cardio.

Lowering Calories: Try lowering calories by 100-200 calories per day by cutting back on carbs and a little bit of fat. I wouldn’t cut more than 5g of fat at a time because you’re body really needs that fat for optimal hormone levels.

Cardio: Throw in 1 or 2 cardio sessions per week to start with if you want. You should be able to drop weight without cardio but use it if needed. I prefer to add in cardio later and just cut calories in the beginning. What type of cardio? You can do whatever you wish here but I would suggest tracking the calories burned on a treadmill, elliptical or through a fitness band like a FitBit. You can choose to do steady state cardio, like walking or you can do HIIT cardio. Whatever works for you is what will be best. You can also check out #1 Best Cardio For Weight Loss

After the first week, assess your situation and how much weight you have lost. Shoot for 1-2lbs per week of weight loss. If you’re losing too much then cut back on cardio or add some calories back in.

Week after week, assess and adjust as needed. Also, favor dropping carbs over fat. Add in another cardio session or if your sessions are short, try doing 30-45 minute cardio sessions.

5. Weight Training

Hopefully, you were already weight training before beginning this journey to get shredded for the summer. If you were, keep doing what you were doing, no need to make big changes to your workout.

If you weren’t working out before, hopefully, you are now. Working out regularly is going to be key to keeping that rock hard muscle you have and building some more so you get ripped. If you need idea’s on workout routines check out #1 Best Workout Routine for Men


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Along my journey I also found out that I have low testosterone, that of an 80 year old man. 

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