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Did you know that you can increase testosterone naturally? Testosterone is known to be the cornerstone of building muscle, men’s health and overall being a man. Testosterone is so important to a man’s health that without it, you can be left feeling like you’re near death. Really, I’m not joking. The symptoms of low natural testosterone levels in a man can be scary.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

    • Low Libido
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Weight Gain
    • Low Muscle Growth
    • Inability to Lose Weight
    • Brain Fog
    • Depression and more…at home testosterone test

I don’t know about you but I don’t want any of those things. Current data suggests that the low end of average testosterone is 300 ng/dl. If you’re feeling any of the above symptoms you should¬†meet with your doctor to get a blood test. Also, you have the option of many take at home tests you can use to get the results as well. This at-home testosterone test from EverlyWell is a great option. Your body could be producing below normal levels of testosterone and getting tested is the best way to find out. By getting tested you’re also getting a baseline so you can later get tested again to see if you were able to increase testosterone naturally.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can increase testosterone naturally. Actually, we’re going to discuss 5 ways that you can achieve higher levels of testosterone naturally. The great part is that these are things that you can start changing today! Let’s jump into it!

Lose Weight

lose weight increase testosterone naturallyI know, none of want to hear this and some may believe this is obvious for many reasons other than just increasing your testosterone naturally. But it’s very true! You can increase testosterone naturally by just losing weight. Recent studies show that men who are overweight are roughly 8 times more likely to have low testosterone. I’ve link the study below for you to check out the research.

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Now is a great time to start walking, get moving and working out to drop some excess body weight. Not only will you increase your testosterone but you’ll also gain many other health benefits as well. Be sure to check out some of our other articles on workout routines for men. Related: #1 Best Workout Routine for Men

Overweight Men and Testosterone Study

Get More Zinc

To piggyback off of the last recommendation to lose weight, while you’re cleaning up your diet be sure to add more zinc. Zinc has been shown in studies to be closely related to testosterone levels in both young and older men. You primarily get zinc from red meats, nuts like almonds as well as beans and lentils. When looking over your daily food intake try throwing these in to help increase testosterone naturally as well.

Zinc and Testosterone Levels in Young and Older Men

Get More Vitamin D

Continuing on the food train and the links to healthy testosterone levels in men. Vitamin D has also been linked to having an effect on test levels. Your testicles have receptors for Vitamin D, since your testicles produce testosterone then it is important to optimize the levels of Vitamin D in your body. Studies show that by increasing Vitamin D levels in your body, you can increase testosterone naturally as well. You can do this through supplementation, generally, 5000 IU is the recommended daily dosage. It’s worth noting that proper Vitamin D levels can also improve mood and depression symptoms.

Vitamin D Impact on Testosterone Levels in Men

No More Sugar

Keeping in line with our healthy lifestyle topics, sugar falls right into this group. You guessed it, excessive sugar intake can also decrease natural levels of testosterone as well. This idea is also backed up by science and research as well. Researchers found that men, both young and old who had high amounts of sugar saw up to a 25% decrease in testosterone. Along with the other diet changes we’ve looked at so far, reducing sugar intake is great for many things but also for increasing testosterone naturally.

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Effects of Sugar on Testosterone Levels in Men

Strength Training and Working Out

Last but not least we have strength training. Any workout is going to be good for your health when done properly but strength training will help increase testosterone. Numerous studies have been done on the anabolic impacts of strength training. Most if not all show a positive increase to natural testosterone production. You need to push yourself in the gym, this should be challenging to have a strong impact. Lift heavy and lift consistently, don’t skip workouts and you will see results!

Impacts of Strength Training on Testosterone Levels

The Bottom Line

You can see the theme here is to get healthy with your diet and with training to produce results. Not only will you end up with the body you’ve always wanted but you will also increase testosterone naturally. You just need to make a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, that’s the hardest part.



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