7 things you don't want to hear about weight loss

If you read the ads you see on TV or on social media, they would have you believe that you can pop this pill or drink this shake to drop all of your weight and have that fitness model body. Psssshhhh! Nope! Don’t drink that Kool-Aid!

Weight loss is not a magic pill, it’s not a temporary diet change. It’s much more than that! Weight loss is about not just changing your life but about changing your LIFESTYLE! You have to get your mind right and fully decide to make the long term changes.

Today we bring you the things you don’t want to hear about weight loss!

1. Lifestyle Change

Fad diets and diets that are marketed to be temporary DO NOT WORK! Once you come off of the diet, if you haven’t changed your eating habits and your mind, then you’ll just start gaining it back. You see it all the time right, “Look at Sharon! She looks amazing!”. A few months later the old Sharon is back. The fad diet didn’t stick, her habits didn’t change and now she looks just like she did before the diet.

That’s exactly how it happens! Don’t think of weight loss as a diet, that’s the first mistake. IT IS NOT TEMPORARY! Weight loss is about changing your lifestyle. You need to find a weight loss method that you can stick to for the long term! Try them all! Keto, intermittent fasting, low carb, high carb and low fat, paleo… whatever it is, find the diet that works for you and that you can stick to for years!

2. You Can’t Spot Reduce!

cant spot reduce fat

You see ads and videos about doing ab crunches or some type of gimmicky product that will give you a flat stomach. NOPE! It’s a lie! You can do crunches until you’re blue in the face and it will not flatten your stomach if you still have layers of fat over top. You can do all of the arm exercises you want but it’s not going to melt away the flab on your arms. Do squats for days and you’ll build muscle but the fat will still be layered over top.

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You have to change your food intake, eat cleaner, track your calories and don’t overdo it! Fat loss happens all over your body, you can’t choose where your body takes it from first.

3. “I Can Just Do Cardio”

It depends, you can’t outwork a bad diet! If you’re still eating a ton of calories, the cardio isn’t going to help much if at all! It’s very important that you track what you’re eating and understanding the calorie balance. Meaning, in order to lose weight in most circumstances, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. If you’re eating 3000 calories a day but only burning 2800 during the day, you’re not going to lose weight. Check out our calorie calculator to find out how many you should be eating.

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4. Weight Loss Requires Effort

weight loss takes effort

Weight loss doesn’t come easy. You’ve got to put in the work in order to stick to the diet. You have to fight your mind to say no to things you don’t need, like those donuts at work or that bagel that doesn’t fit your macros for the day.

You’re also going to have to stay active, even if it’s just parking further away at work or taking a walk on your lunch break. Being more active than you were before is going to help make the whole process easier.

5. “I Don’t Need To Lift Weights”

You’re right, you don’t have to lift weights. However, if you’re losing a lot of weight and you don’t have much muscle mass… you’re body isn’t going to look like what you’re imagining once the weight is gone. You could very likely end up looking flabby and loose rather than fit and tight. In order to prevent that, it’s a good idea to start a workout routine involving weights. At the very least, do some body weight exercises at home like squats, lunges, crunches, push ups and pull ups.

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6. Weight Loss Doesn’t Happen Overnight or Even In A Week

If you think you’re going to get fit and lose 20lbs in a week then you’re mistaken. Or you’re on some type of crash diet that will leave you gaining the weight back soon enough. Weight loss takes time, it’s a process. Once you’ve dialed in your calories and everything else, expect to lose 1-2lbs per week. If you’re extremely overweight, you may see bigger losses. Initially, when you first start making changes you may see a bigger drop due to fluid retention loss. Things will stabilize after a week or two if you stay consistent.

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7. Your Body Will Work Against You!

Our bodies are very smart! When you cut calories or increase activity, your body will adapt to the changes over time. This will cause your weight loss to stall and you’ll either have to get more active or cut more calories. This is why you should always start dieting on the most amount of calories as possible with the least amount of cardio. This way, you have more calories to cut from later in the process.

This is why it is so important to know your body, find the calories that allow you to maintain your current weight, then reduce that by 200-400 calories to see weight loss. You can reduce it by removing food or adding cardio each day. When you stall and the weight loss stops, adjust again. Continue this process until you get to your ideal weight and then find your new maintenance calories.


I know you didn’t want to hear these things! I just crushed what some of you have thought was the truth for so long. I’m not sorry though, I want you to know the truth and be able to learn from the mistakes of so many. If you enjoyed this article please consider subscribing to my newsletter where you can get more articles like this straight to your inbox along with exclusive deals on products you’ll love. Also, consider following us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified first when new content is available!


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