9 Tips to kick sugar cravings

Got The Sugar Cravings? Don’t Know What To Do? We’ve Got Them Too!

Oh man! The sugar cravings! It’s so hard not to indulge in some doughnuts, candy bars, and other sweets. Many of us who haven’t always eaten clean have these cravings built into our being. These cravings can really take you over the edge quickly, leading you to overdo it and blowing your day.

But why do these cravings happen and how do we overcome them so we don’t fall off the wagon? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today with our 9 tips to knock out sugar cravings for good! Are you ready to kick the cravings? Let’s get started!

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What Causes Sugar Cravings?

sugar cravings

Well, lots of things to be honest but we’re going to focus on some common ones here.

  • Your Diet Is Off – This is a really common reason for sugar cravings. Your diet isn’t exactly clean. Are you having ice cream, doughnuts or other snacks as part of your diet? This happens a lot with those following a flexible diet lifestyle. But these foods can actually cause your brain to crave more sugar. Cut them out and see if it makes a difference with how many cravings you have.
  • Artificial Sweeteners – So many of us use Splenda and other artificial sweeteners. The problem is that they are SUPER sweet! Way sweeter than normal sugar and when you use them they cause your brain to believe you just had something really sweet. Guess what, now your body may crave more sweet things! Cut back on your use or eliminate them altogether if you can.
  • Craving After Your Workout? – This is another common reason among dieters and fitness fanatics. When you work out hard your glycogen stores are completed. You need carbs to refill those stores and your body may crave sugar-filled foods in an effort to accomplish this. Maybe try eating some fruit following your workout like a banana to satisfy your bodies need after a workout.
  • Lack of Vitamins or Nutrients – Believe it or not, if your body is lacking something it needs like vitamins or nutrients, your brain will trigger you to eat. Hoping that you will provide your body with what it’s needing. Make sure you’re eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and even a multi-vitamin in order to ensure you have adequate amounts of these.
  • You’re Bored – Do you ever get hungry when you’re bored? Me too! It’s the worst really, and it’s when we’re most likely to be bad and break our diet. Stay busy, work a jigsaw puzzle, go for a walk or anything to stay busy and keep your mind off of the sugar cravings. I find that watching TV is when this hits me the worst!
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How Do You Stop Sugar Cravings?

Now we know what might be causing our sugar cravings but how to stop them in their tracks?

  • Get Busy – Get busy by taking a walk, hit the gym, do something with your family or friends that will keep you away from being bad.
  • Remove Sweets From Your Home – Go clean out your cabinets and remove all of the sugar-filled junk food that tempts you. The stuff that is constantly calling your name all the way across your house. Evict it from your home and your life!
  • Get More Fiber – It’s a fact, if you eat more fiber in your diet you won’t feel as hungry. Fiber fills you up and leaves you feeling satisfied!
  • Drink More Water – When your body is needing water it can sometimes feel like hunger. We’re easily fooled by this so when you feel a craving, drink a glass of plain water instead.
  • Cut Out Artifical Sweeteners – As I said before, cut these out if you can because they can make your body crave more sugar.
  • Eat Some Fruit – Try eating a banana, apple or some other fruit. Not only will it give you some natural sugars but many fruits also have fiber in them which will help you feed the hunger.
  • Chew Some Gum – What? Yup! Chew some sugar-free gum to fight off those sugar cravings!
  • Rice Cakes – Take advantage of what rice cakes have to offer. Usually low in calories and you can top them with something like peanut butter and maybe a little honey that will get you through the cravings!
  • Yogurt – Careful, check the label to be sure it isn’t full of sugar. Yogurt can be a great option and you can even drop some granola or fruit in there to spice it up a bit.
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There’s no doubt, sugar cravings hit so many of us when we’re really trying to stick to a diet or new lifestyle. With these tips, you can fight back on those cravings for diet success! Got more tips? Let us know!


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