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Want A More Defined Chest? Lower Chest Lagging?

Today we are going to cover 3 lower chest blasting workout tips that will surely get your lower chest looking it’s best.

Why Focus On The Lower Chest?

Just like the upper chest, many gym bros neglect exercises that focus on this crucial area of chest development. The lower chest can really make your physique stand out and is part of a well rounded body.

Many of the lower chest focused exercises are also ideal for hitting all areas of the chest with high EMG activation shown in testing.

More Bang For Your Buck!

The Lower Chest Workout Routine

#1 – Dips!

dips chest workout

Dips are an amazing exercise for overall chest development. You can up the intensity and difficulty by adding weight. Hold a dumbbell between your legs or feet for example. You could also use a weight belt that has a chain to strap on plates or dumbbells. Dips are also a great movement for building big and strong triceps as well! 

#2 – Decline Press

decline dumbbell for massive chest workoutDecline pressing movements are a great addition to your chest workout. You can use either a barbell or dumbbells for this exercise. I would recommend dumbbells so that you can work all of the stabilizing muscles in your chest and shoulders. You may even feel some slight activation in your core when using dumbbells as well.

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#3 – Cable Flys

chest flys for massIf cable or pec dec flys are not already part of your workout then they should be! Flys are great for chest isolation but also depending on the variation, they can be a great finisher for your lower chest workout as well. Switch up the angles and see what feels the best to you. Make sure that you keep your shoulders and upper back retracted so you don’t work too much of your shoulder during the movement.

Lower Chest Building Tips

  1. Do It First!
    If your lower chest is lagging, make sure you work it first on your chest days. You want to be able to push maximal loads and have full energy when doing your lower chest routine.
  2. Focus On The Negative or Eccentric
    In order take full advantage of an exercise, you want to focus on the eccentric portion of the movement. By focusing on the negative you can rip and tear those muscle fibers for maximal growth!
  3. Forced Reps
    Get a workout partner or someone in the gym to help you push beyond failure with some forced reps! Forced reps shouldn’t be used every workout but they can be great tool when used properly.

Bonus! Lower Chest Building Workout At Home

Who says you have to have a gym to build an awesome lower chest? There are things you can do at home if you get creative. Maybe you don’t have time to get to the gym today, no excuses! Try these lower chest exercises at home next time!

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Incline Push Ups

Find a bench, chair, coach or something similar. Place your hands on the edge and rep out some push ups at an incline. Be sure to focus and squeeze those pecs throughout and at the top of the movement!

Burn out with sets of regular push ups for as many reps as possible


If you get creative you can find things around your home to do dips on. Between some chairs, tables, counters or railing. Choose something sturdy, don’t wanna get injured!


If you’re wanting to get that sculpted body, massive chest and all around great looking body. You need to be focusing on your lower chest during some of your chest routines. 

Having a good lower chest is part of a well rounded body and development. Having a great upper chest without the lower chest to go with it will resulted in a incomplete physique and look.


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