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Lethal DNP Weight Loss Drug Still Popular

A popular drug for losing weight quickly is still out there and people are still actively searching for information and seeking to buy DNP online. Based on Google thousands of people are still looking up topics such as “dnp weight loss” and “buy dnp online”. This is scary to think about considering the risks associated with the use of it. Despite the lethal nature of DNP, weight loss fanatics can’t help themselves.

Not just bodybuilders are looking to purchase DNP online but regular people who are looking to shed that extra fat are trying to find it as well. You would think that it might be difficult to find but you don’t have to look too hard to buy DNP online even though it is illegal in many countries including the United States.

What Is DNP?

DNP is an organic compound called 2,4-Dinitrophenol. DNP is commonly used in explosives like shellite and it’s actually classified as an explosive in the UK and in the US. Beyond being an explosive, DNP is also used as a herbicide as well.

Going all the way back to the 1930’s, DNP was used in weight loss pills after some researchers at Stanford University found that it had a favorable impact on metabolism. The use of DNP for losing weight generally stopped in the late 1930’s but that hasn’t stopped bodybuilders and the like from using it to quickly drop weight. The EPA documentation released on DNP states that it has “a high acute toxicity”[1] and is not for human consumption.

Why Does DNP Work For Weight Loss?

dnp lethal weight lossWhats makes DNP so appealing to those who are looking to lose weight and bodybuilders? Well, it has a very effective method of action in comparison to other weight loss pills. It’s actually so effective that it can and will quite possibly kill you even when taken at low dosages.

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When DNP is in your body it makes your cells less efficient at producing ATP. ATP is a main energy source in your body, think of it like your bodies fuel source much like gas in your car. With your body running less efficiently, it will compensate by increasing your metabolism. In effect, this generates more fat burning because your bodies metabolism is running in overdrive while trying to compensate for the inefficiencies  .

The issue with DNP is that while make ATP production less efficient, it is doing this by removing protons from your cells. Protons are needed to produce energy, so your body will burn more carbs and fat in order to make up for the lost protons. When the protons are carried away by DNP, they are dissipated as heat. This heat can cause very rapid hyperthermia[2].

Is DNP Legal?

No, in the United States the FDA has banned and deemed DNP illegal for human consumption. DNP is also illegal for human consumption in the UK and other countries.

Why Is DNP Lethal?

Hopefully, it’s obvious at this point that it’s not a good thing to put a compound classified as an explosive into your body. Besides that fact, there are other reasons why DNP is lethal.

  • Rapid Hyperthermia – You could basically cook from the inside out.
  • Dehydration
  • Rapid and/or Irregular Heart Rate
  • Low Dosages Proven FatalNo Dosage of DNP is SAFE!

There are many cases of dinitrophenol bodybuilding use. Bodybuilders commonly used this drug in order to quickly drop weight after a bulk to prepare to step on stage. Many of these cases turn out fatal even when they thought the DNP dose was safe.

  • 24 year old Liam died from DNP use [3]
  • 26 year old Finlay died from DNP use [4]
  • 28 year old Sean also died from DNP use [5]
  • 25 year old Lewis as well [6]
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Bottom Line on DNP Weight Loss Drug

The FDA and other federal regulators have good reason to ban DNP and label it as not safe for human consumption. There is no reason to risk taking this drug, fat loss and slim looks are not worth giving up your life for. No matter what you’re being told, no dosage of DNP is safe for you. People have died by just taking a fraction of a dose, so don’t listen to anything anyone tells you or anything you find online that says otherwise.

There are many safer alternatives to losing weight, no supplements or drugs are worth your health, safety and life. Just cutting back on extra eating, getting more active and eating clean foods can help you. If you’re looking for ways to lose weight, check out our article on the most effective cardio for weight loss. If you need some help in the gym with a workout routine, we’ve got you covered there with the best workout routine for men.

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