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If you’re already on TRT or thinking about taking testosterone, you probably have a lot of questions. 

Even if you’ve been on TRT for a bit, the symptoms and side effects can cause additional questions that you may not want to ask your doctor.

We’re here today to discuss some of the most common questions related to testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. I would also like to ask that you check out our guide to TRT that covers dosage, frequency of injections, how to get tested and many other topics.

Let’s jump into the FAQ…

Is TRT Safe?

Yes, taking testosterone prescribed by a doctor is safe. There are many factors that need to be monitored, especially when first starting your protocol.

Monitoring key blood levels such as hematocrit, estradiol and others to name a few. Having an educated doctor is highly beneficial to your health and overall well-being while on TRT.

Will I Lose Weight?

It is likely that you will lose fat. You may or may not see a drop on the scale because now you will be in a better position to build more muscle.

There are other factors though, such as estrogen. When estrogen is high, we tend to retain more water which could impact the number you see on the scale.

Also, whenever starting a new protocol or beginning TRT, your hormones may take time to balance out. During this time you could also see changes on the scale as well.

Does TRT Cause Cancer?

No, taking testosterone does not cause cancer. Many of the claims surrounding TRT and cancer have been related to increased PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels. This increase has not been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer though.

It is important to be screened for prostate cancer prior to starting TRT. This is because some studies show that taking testosterone can aggravate an existing prostate cancer situation.

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How Long Should I Be On TRT?

Testosterone replacement therapy is generally a life long commitment. You need to understand this upfront.

Some patients may be able to stop TRT if the underlying cause of low testosterone is identified and corrected. However, this is generally not the case.

If you were to stop taking TRT, your body has pretty much stopped producing its own, so you will bottom out and feel like crap. Stopping is not advised unless otherwise medically necessary.

Will My Testicles Shrink?

In some but not all cases men will notice some reduction in the size of their testicles. This is not a sign of anything bad. The reason for the shrinking is that your body is no longer producing as much of its own testosterone.

Will TRT Make Me To Go Bald?

No, there is no evidence to support that testosterone will make you go bald. If this were the case, all 21 year old men with high testosterone would be bald.

How Much Does TRT Cost?

Please check out our article covering the cost of testosterone.

Will Testosterone Cause Me To Be Aggressive?

So long as your treatment is managed and your hormone levels are checked and within range, this will not be a problem.

If testosterone or other hormones are too high or out of range, this could happen.

You may notice more drive or aggression in the gym.

Is TRT The Same As Taking Steroids?

No, TRT is a much smaller dose than bodybuilders take. The amounts prescribed by your doctor or clinic are not the same as someone on gear or taking steroids.

Will TRT Impact My Ability To Have Kids?

In some cases, this is quite possible. There is a chance of reduced sperm production, this may make it difficult for you to have kids. 

There is a second medication which your doctor can prescribe called HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. This can prevent your testicles from shrinking and also enhance your fertility.

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How Quickly Will I See Changes?

It depends on the changes you’re looking for.

Most men experience an increase in sex drive and energy within weeks or months.

Depression symptoms along with body fat changes can take many months to see improvement.

Are Injections My Only Option?

No, injections are your best option though.

You also have gels/patches which many men don’t respond to. This is due to low absorption rates.

Injectable pellets are also available in some cases but not recommended due to absorption issues as well.

Does TRT Cause My Blood To Thicken?

In many cases yes, however for many it’s not to the degree of causes problems.

This is one reason your doctor should do blood tests often when starting you on TRT or when making changes to your dosing.

Whenever your hemoglobin gets above 18 or your hematocrit gets above 52, you should donate blood or possibly reduce your dose by a little.

You can donate blood at the Red Cross, your doctor’s office or other blood banks.

Will TRT Cause Me To Get Gyno or Man Boobs?

Not unless you’re taking a really high dose or on a bad protocol. Such as injecting once every two weeks or once per month.

If your estrogen gets out of control, which is common at very high dosages or when you have high peaks from injecting infrequently.

What Are The Benefits Of TRT?

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Improved Erections
  • More Muscle Mass – So long as you workout and eat a high protein diet.
  • Weight Loss – Not evident immediately but will happen over time if you’re eating a good diet.
  • Decreased Depression and Anxiety
  • Many Men Experience Increased Confidence
  • Most Importantly, Feeling Better


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