There are foods that kill testosterone? Studies show that is quite possible! With all of the focus today on the testosterone levels in men, it’s seems important that we discuss the foods you should avoid.

Why is testosterone important for men? Testosterone is important for men because it is their primary hormone. It’s the hormone that drives energy, sex drive and muscle growth. All important things for a man, right? Today, we’re going to point out 5 foods that you should avoid. The following are 5 foods that kill testosterone in your body.

5 Foods That Kill Testosterone in Men

Soy Products

foods that kill testosterone

Many soy based foods should be avoided and have shown to reduce testosterone levels in men, such as edamame and tofu. Soy based products have phytoestrogens, which is the reason we should avoid having too many. Phytoestrogens act like estrogen in the body and the higher your estrogen, the lower your testosterone. Research on the topic of soy foods killing testosterone in men is debatable and conflicting. Check out the below studies for more information and reading on the matter.

Study 1 Study 2 Study 3


Past research shows that limited alcohol consumption isn’t always bad and can actually provide some benefits. However, recent studies on the effects of alcohol and testosterone in men show there could be reason for concern. The study shows a decrease in testosterone in men when the equivalent of 2 to 3 drinks were consumed on a daily basis. Check out the studies for more detail.

Study 1 Study 2

Processed Foods

It has been widely stated that processed foods are bad for us, mainly due to high sodium content and trans fats that are found in these foods. But did you know that processed foods kill testosterone? A recent study shows that trans fats such as those found in processed foods like frozen meals and fast food can actually kill testosterone in men. Check out the below studies for more information.

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Study 1 Study 2


Who would have thought food as healthy as nuts could actually be killing your testosterone levels? WOW! I always thought that nuts were a great option of healthy fats and other vitamins and minerals. Turns out that certain types of nuts such as almonds actually can increase a protein called sex hormone binding globulin, also known as SHBG. SHBG binds to testosterone in your body and lowers free testosterone. This doesn’t mean nuts are bad, you just may want to limit the amount you eat. Check out the study below for more information.

Study 1

Vegetable Oils

While many health nuts will avoid vegetable oils when possible. Some types of oils have been linked to reduced testosterone in men. A few examples would be canola, cottonseed and corn. The problem with these oils is the polyunsaturated fats they carry. Typically healthy, definitely healthier than alternatives but these fats have been shown to kill testosterone in men in some studies. Check out the specific studies below for more information.

Study 1 Study 2

Do Foods Really Kill Testosterone?

Sure, some foods may lower testosterone and may even kill it. Many of these foods have become bigger and bigger parts of the western diet. This could be the reason that men’s testosterone levels have been on the decline for years. Also, the reason why anti-aging clinics are a booming business with many middle-aged men as their largest client base. Men seeking out remedies to their testosterone problems when all along it could have been a diet change that was in order. Maybe try changing up your diet and possibly a few herbal supplements before you go seeking out TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). What can you do today? Stop eating or at least decrease the amount of these 5 foods that kill testosterone!

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What Can You Do About Low Testosterone?

First, you can clean up your diet with the tips we’ve talked about here. If that doesn’t help, the next stop would be your doctor. Have a chat with your doctor about your low testosterone symptoms and have your blood tested. Once, you and your doctor have evaluated your low T situation, you can start treatment or therapy if needed. We recently wrote an article about the cost of TRT therapy and the different options that you have. Also, don’t be fooled by testosterone boosters that are on the market. We have a comprehensive break down of the common ingredients in test boosters coming out soon, stay tuned for that!


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