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Looking to Cut Weight? Trimming Down for Summer Time Shredding?

I really struggle with dieting sometimes you know? Maybe you do too. My struggle isn’t starting the diet, it’s sticking to it. Over the years I have developed my favorite cutting meal plan that I can easily stick too. I’m going to break it down step by step for you here and maybe it will help you too or at least give you some ideas.

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What Makes A Good Meal Plan?

  • Easy To Follow – For a meal plan to be successful, especially when cutting weight, it has to be easy. You’re going to feel tired and lazy sometimes so you don’t need something so complicated and time consuming that you won’t stick to it.
  • Variety – A meal plan has to have variety as well, if not then you’ll get bored or have more cravings. Mix it up and include some of your favorites.
  • Fit’s Your Macros – If you want your meal plan to be a success then it’s going to have to fit within your macros for the week.
  • Meal Prepping Ability – At least some of the foods or recipes in your meal plan need to be meal prep friendly. This way you can just grab it from the freezer or refrigerator and go!

What You Need To Get Started

  • Food Scale – You will definitely want a food scale. You need to be able to accurately measure some of the ingredients that go into your meal. Peanut butter, for instance, it’s very high in calories and easy to overdo on if you don’t have a food scale handy. The best food scale I’ve found is this digital food scale from Amazon.  I’ve had this one since early 2016 and it’s still working great!
  • Mindset and Dedication – For a cutting meal plan to be a success, you also need to have the mindset and dedication. You need to be ready mentally to make a lifestyle change. Not that you have to follow with same plan forever, you could use this as part of a 21 day meal plan to shed a few pounds and then switch to something else.
  • Caloric Needs – Everybody is different and in order to know how many calories you need per day and per week, you’re going to need to use a calorie calculator. We have one here on our site that you can check out here: Calorie Calculator
  • Lots of Water – Be sure you’re drinking plenty of water per day. I shoot for 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight. This may be too aggressive for some but make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Try to cut out any beverages that have calories for optimal weight loss. Black coffee and unsweetened teas are also good options.

Weekly Meal Plan Template

This following cutting meal plan is what I follow Monday through Friday every week while I’m trying to drop weight. On the weekends I may have a cheat meal but many of the foods and meals below I also incorporate on the weekend.


rice cake with peanut butter

Sometimes I will intermittent fast, not every day but maybe a few times per week. So generally I will skip breakfast and eat it later around 10 am (I wake up at 5:30 am) or sometimes 12 pm and push my lunch a little later.

My first meal of the day is almost always a rice cake with 1 serving of natural creamy peanut butter. I really enjoy the Quaker rice cakes that are lightly salted, peanut butter goes well with those. You can also add a small amount of honey on to them like my wife does if you wish. I would opt for the local honey to help fight off allergies.

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What You Need

Quaker Rice Cakes – Lightly Salted
JIF Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

Nutrition Info

Calories – 225
Carbs – 13g
Fat – 16g
Protein – 8g
Fiber – 2g
Sugar – 2g

Lunch – Easy Ground Beef Recipe With Few Ingredients

easy ground beef recipes with few ingredientssalad and dressing

Lunch Time! My favorite meal of the day generally. I’m always counting down the time to eat lunch. This is where the meal prep comes in handy, as I will prep out 8 of these meals at a time. I’ll keep them in my freezer and just a couple in the fridge at a time so they’re always ready to grab, heat and eat. Beef and noodles, can’t go wrong there, it’s simple and easy.

In order to meal prep 8 meals for this be sure to get the items listed below. Begin by measuring out 448 grams of pasta using your food scale, see I told you it would come in handy. Each serving is 56 grams so 448 will give you 8 servings. Typically I’ll start boiling the water, toss the pasta in and set a timer for about 11 minutes.

While the pasta is cooking, it’s time to start on the beef. I use 2lbs so I can put 4oz into each container. Keep in mind that it will lose weight after cooking so it usually works out to 3oz after cooking. Throw the beef in the skillet and brown it to your liking, just make sure it’s done. We don’t want to be getting any food sickness from undercooked meat.

Now that you have the meat and pasta cooked, start by putting 3oz of meat in each of the 8 containers. Now evenly distribute the pasta into each bowl. I don’t have a measurement here on the exact weight for each one, I usually eyeball it or put 1 big spoon in each container until I don’t have any left. Whatever works for you.

Break out your measuring cups and put 1/2 cup of the Prego sauce into each container to top off our meal.

We also have a salad with this and we only count the calories from the dressing. Feel free to dress it up with cucumbers as well!

What You Need

2 Boxes of Mueller’s Protein Penne Pasta
2lbs of Organic 93/7 Ground Beef – You don’t have to go this lean or with organic, just my preference.
1 Large Jar of Prego Traditional Sauce – Feel free to choose something different if you wish

Spring Mix Greens – Or whatever salad mix you prefer (We don’t count the calories from this)
2 Tbsp Skinny Girl Poppy Seed Dressing (Sugar-Free and Fat-Free)

Nutrition Info

Calories – 450
Carbs – 54g
Fat – 11g
Protein – 36g
Fiber – 9g
Sugar – 10g

Snack Time!

By this time I’ve gotten off from work, it’s 5 pm or so and I’ll be heading to the gym in the next hour. I want to have a snack and my typical go to is almonds, a piece of cheese and, a protein shake. I like the flavored kind such as the cinnamon flavor. Be careful though, it’s easy to overdo it on almonds just like peanut butter. I would suggest grabbing the food scale and measuring them out.

Feel free to swap something else in if you have a preference. Maybe another rice cake and peanut butter, greek yogurt or even some fruit like a banana.

What You Need

32 grams of Great Value Cinnamon Almonds (180 calories)
1 square of Sharp Cheddar Cheese (80 calories)
50 grams of MyProtein Impact Whey (200 calories)- 30% Off Code (ADAM-RTVV) Check it out here.

Nutrition Info

Calories – 460
Carbs – 20g
Fat – 22g
Protein – 47g
Fiber – 2g
Sugar – 9g

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Dinner Time Cutting Meal Plan

easy chicken breast recipes with few ingredients

Ok, so now I’m home from the gym and it’s about time to have dinner. We have some meal prep involved here as well with our chicken and rice. How can you go wrong with a chicken and rice diet? This is an easy chicken breast recipe with few ingredients.

But first I usually have a banana since I just came home from the gym. My body is hungry to refill those glycogen stores I just depleted during my working. Bananas are high in carbs so that will do the job perfectly.

Nutrition Info for Our Banana

Calories – 105
Carbs – 27g
Fat – .4g
Protein – 1.3g
Fiber – 3g
Sugar – 14g

Next up is our main meal. 5 ounces of chicken is the protein of choice for this meal. I typically buy a large package of chicken breast that’s around 4 or 5lbs. I will either grill it on charcoal or gas until it reaches 165 degrees. Season the chicken however you wish, I choose a pretty basic mesquite seasoning. A meat thermometer is handy for this as chicken can be hard to cook sometimes and know when it’s safely cooked.

If I’m not grilling the chicken then I’m putting it in the oven at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes. The cooking time will greatly depend on the thickness of the chicken breasts so you might want to start checking it sooner if they’re thin. G Hughes sugar-free barbecue sauce also makes a great dip for this chicken if you wish.

Along with our chicken, we will have 1/2 cup of brown rice. I use this rice cooker so I can prep out ahead of time and make a large batch. You can cook this on your stove top as well following the directions on the label. I just prefer the rice cooker because it’s easy and I’m lazy.

Lastly, we will have broccoli or some other green vegetable like asparagus. You can pick whatever you want here. So long as it’s something similar we don’t count the calories from this either. Greens are typically free on your diets so long as they’re not covered in butter or cheese.

What You Need

Chicken Breast – I typically cook 4 to 5lbs at a time
Brown Rice
Broccoli, Asparagus or other green vegetables
BBQ Sauce for Dipping

Nutrition Info for Our Chicken & Rice

Calories – 308
Carbs – 22g
Fat – 3g
Protein – 46g
Fiber – 2g
Sugar – 0g

Late Night Snack

If you’re like me, sometime after dinner I want to snack. My usual go too’s are another rice cake with peanut butter, greek yogurt or a piece of cheese. It really depends on if I snuck in some other snack throughout the day and how many calories I have left to work with.

9 times out of 10 though, it’s another rice cake with peanut butter so that’s what we’ll go with here.

What You Need

Quaker Rice Cakes – Lightly Salted
JIF Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

Nutrition Info

Calories – 225
Carbs – 13g
Fat – 16g
Protein – 8g
Fiber – 2g
Sugar – 2g


So that rounds out the weekly template for my cutting meal plan. Pretty simple right? It is and that’s why it has worked for me when nothing else did. It’s easy to stick too and easy to cook. Lets take a look at the total macronutrient break down for the meal plan.

Nutrition Info

Total Calories – 1773
Total Carbs – 149g
Total Fat – 68.4g
Total Protein – 146g
Total Fiber – 20g
Total Sugar – 37g


Hi, I’m Adam!

I started my fitness journey in 2015 and haven’t looked back. I was about 30 pounds overweight, fat, lazy and not motivated. Via a series of unfortunate life events and feeling like I was lacking structure in my life, I decided to join my local gym. I dove head first into researching workouts, what worked and what didn’t along with supplements and anything else fitness related. I’ve never felt better!

Along my journey I also found out that I have low testosterone, that of an 80 year old man. 

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