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Woah, heading to the gym for your first time can be very intimidating, scary even. It some cases, it’s so scary that you don’t even go. You’ve made the first step and signed up for your membership, but now what? We’re here to help calm your nerves and ease the transition into becoming a pro in our gym guide for beginners.

Beginner Gym Tips To Get You Started

In case you don’t want to read this whole post, here are some simple tips to get you started in the gym as a beginner.

  • Don’t Be Afraid – People are not judging you, even if you’re overweight. Since you came into the gym, decent individuals realize you’re making a step in the right direction.
  • Research Before Hand – Depending on your goals, do some research on what exercises you might want to do. YouTube videos can be great at getting familiar with standard gym equipment.
  • Choose An Odd Time – Especially for your first trip and maybe the first few trips, visit the gym at off-peak times. Maybe early in the morning, midday or late evening. All gyms have different busy times so it’s hard to say what will be right for you and your gym.
  • Get Familiar With The Gym Equipment – Maybe nobody else is in the gym or very few people anyways. That’s a great time to explore some of the equipment and machines. As I mentioned before, YouTube videos can be great for this as well.
  • Have A Plan or Workout Routine – Write down a plan for exercises you’re going to do, this will help you not look lost on what you’re doing.
  • Just Do Cardio – If you’re a true beginner walking into a new gym, sometimes it’s easier to just do cardio on your first visit. This will allow you to adjust to the atmosphere before diving into weights and machines.
  • Bring A Friend – Having someone there with you, even if they’re also new can make things less stressful. So bring a friend along. If you know someone who is already familiar with the gym, that makes it even better.
  • Bring Headphones and Music – Put on the headphones and crank up the music to drown out everything going on around you. Sink into your own world while you hit your workout!

Everybody Starts Somewhere

It’s true! Even the most jacked guy or the woman with an amazing body started out fresh in the gym at some point in their life. So just remember, everybody was in your shoes at some point. Actually, so many people don’t even work up the courage to get to where you are. So applaud yourself for that fact, go ahead, pat yourself on the back for walking into the gym.

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Why Is The Gym Scary For Beginners?

I can remember the first time I walked into my local gym, I didn’t know where to begin. There are so many machines, free weights, bars, dumbbells… it just seemed so overwhelming.

Being overwhelmed isn’t the only concern though. What are people going to think about me? Are they going to be staring at me and judging me? No, for the most point they are not. We can’t say that nobody will. However, the vast majority are going to be happy to see a new face in the gym and silently proud of you. As someone who goes to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, I’m always happy to see someone new that continues to come week after week.

Will I be Judged?

As I said, we can’t say this is true for every person that will be in your gym, for the most part, people are not judging you. Many people won’t even notice you believe it or not! Those who go to the gym are many times self-centered and focused on themselves, checking out their muscles in the mirror and not paying any attention to anyone else.

What If I’m Overweight?

Here is the thing, when someone overweight comes into the gym it’s a huge step in the right direction. Most gym goers see a beginner who is overweight coming into the gym to make lifestyle changes that are going to benefit them. Even if they don’t say anything to you! Many people are silently cheering you on, hoping that you will continue to come into the gym week after week.

The fact that you’ve come into the gym, to begin with, says a lot about you, keep coming, don’t give up!

Everybody Is Self Conscious!

That’s right! Everybody is self-conscious, some even more than you are! I guarantee it! Even the best bodies in the gym are concerned with what YOU and everyone else is thinking about them! Funny isn’t it? Somewhat ridiculous but it’s actually true!

What Does A Beginner Do In The Gym?

It’s always good to have a plan when starting out in the gym. Have a look online at some workout routines for beginners to get you started. When you have a plan for your gym visit, everything just goes smoother and you feel more relaxed.

To start, you probably want to keep it simple. First, though, you need to identify your goals. It’s ok if you just want to do cardio because your main goal is weight loss. Don’t be afraid of the weights and machines though! You want to tone up and be defined along with the weight loss, so the machines and other equipment are going to be important. You can save it for later when you feel more comfortable though!

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Beginner Gym Workout

You’re doing great! This is a simple and easy routine to get you started on your first few trips to the gym.

  • 30 Minutes of Cardio – Treadmill, Elliptical, Stair Climber, your choice
  • Pushups – 3 sets of as many as you can do
  • Bodyweight Squats – 3 sets of 10 to 15
  • Crunches – 3 sets of 10 to 15 or use one of the ab machines if you feel comfortable

Later you can add some of these to the routine or swap around exercises

  • Goblet Squats
  • Bodyweight Dips
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Tricep Extensions or Kick Backs
  • Lunges

Awesome! You’re on your way! These simple routines should get you by until you’re comfortable enough in the gym to start exploring more advanced exercises.

Workout Plans From MyFitClient:

Get Familiar With The Gym Equipment

In order to really put yourself at ease in the gym, you need to familiarize yourself with the equipment. There are a few ways you can go about this but I definitely suggest that watch some videos on YouTube to see how the machines work. You can also take advantage of a time where there aren’t very many people in the gym as well. This way you can explore without feeling like someone is watching you.

Being familiar with the equipment is going to boost your confidence it the exercises that you’re doing. Watching exercise or body part specific videos is invaluable for your confidence as well. Knowing what body part you’re hitting and that you’re using proper form is important.

Gym for Beginners Final Thoughts

Here’s the thing, the fact that you’re even reading this article is a step in the right direction. You’re on the right path, a path to a better you! That’s the important thing to remember, stay focused and don’t give up.

Fitness, not just for beginners but also for seasoned gym bros, is a constant learning experience. Learning what exercises to do, new exercises and how your body reacts to different types of stimulation is something we should all be doing.

Remember, if someone is judging you in the gym, it’s a problem with them and not you. Most people are happy to see you and even happier when you keep coming back!


Hi, I’m Adam!

I started my fitness journey in 2015 and haven’t looked back. I was about 30 pounds overweight, fat, lazy and not motivated. Via a series of unfortunate life events and feeling like I was lacking structure in my life, I decided to join my local gym. I dove head first into researching workouts, what worked and what didn’t along with supplements and anything else fitness related. I’ve never felt better!

Along my journey I also found out that I have low testosterone, that of an 80 year old man. 

With all of the fitness and and TRT research I’ve done, I figured it would be a great idea to start a blog and share that knowledge. Don’t hesistate to leave feedback or reach out with any question you may have via my Contact Me page.