top 3 best lower back exercises

Best Strength and Muscle Building Lower Back Exercises and Stretches

We all love back day, don’t we? We love to load up the bar for heavy rows to build a thick upper back. We tend to focus a lot on the upper back because it looks good and you’ll be the envy of all of the gym bros. I mean, who flexes their lower back? What gym bro do you know that is going around asking for you to check out their lower back gains? Probably none if any, it’s not many. We give all of this love and attention to building massive upper back muscles and we need to give some love to the lower back too.

Today we’re going to go over the top 3 lower back exercises, not only for building muscle but for building lower back strength as well. Much of the back pain we experience is due to a weak lower back and the problems don’t stop with just back pain. Doing these lower back exercises can also help to make a stronger core and help your posture. Try throwing these in on your next back day.

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Top 3 Lower Back Exercises


It’s not too often that when you’re in the gym you see someone doing this lower back exercise. The back hyperextension is a great exercise that can not only work your lower back but some of your glutes as well. The most important factor here is to ensure that you’re doing it properly, not doing so could lead to injury. Back hyperextensions primarily work your erector spinae muscle but as I stated before, you will get some glute activation as well if using a full range of motion. In addition to these muscles, your core will see some activation since you need to keep your torso rigid and straight throughout the motion.

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You can fit these in at the end of your back workout if you’d like or you could even throw them in on lower intensity days with an ab workout since you’ll be activating your core as well.

Good Mornings

Another exercise that you don’t see all too often is the good morning. Good mornings are an excellent choice for building lower back strength as size as well since you can progressively overload it easily. Start light and work your way up, no need to a gym hero and risk injury with these exercises.

The good morning doesn’t just work your lower back but also many other areas. You will feel activation in your hamstrings as well as your hips. Good mornings are often avoided due to fear of injury when done right there isn’t much to worry about and it can result in some good muscle size gains as well as strength.


Deadlifts, the holy grail of back muscle and mass building. The king of the upper back can help your lower back out as well. When done properly the deadlift can be a safe and effective exercise for total body strength. If the deadlift isn’t already part of your routine then you should take a look. Be sure to educate yourself on proper form. Leave your gym bro ego aside and go with a weight that can be done with proper form!

Best Bodyweight Lower Back Stretches


Bridges are a great bodyweight exercise choice for strengthening your lower back. Simple and easy to do even for a beginner and can be done at home. Bridges are good for those who suffer from lower back pain as well. Check out how to properly do a bridge.

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Cat Stretches

Cat stretches are also another good option for those who suffer from lower back pain and are looking for things they can do at home. These lower back stretches are also known as cat-cow stretches. Check out how to properly do a cat or cat-cow stretch here.

Side Planks

We all know about the regular plank exercise which can be great for core strength. A side plank is also a good tool for strengthening your lower back as well. Side planks can also be a great core exercise as well so it’s a win all around. Also known to help with back pain relief. Check out how to properly do a side plank here.

Supermans Stretch

Last but not least we have the superman. Like the others, this is one of the greatest lower back stretches for adding strength to your lower back and reduce back pain. Check out here how to properly do the superman stretch.

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